Response ability

People are more concerned about you,

when you are on the medication.

People worry about the illness,

whilst you are undergoing therapy.

People shower you in support,

after you have drowned in loneliness.

People nurture you when you are loud,

and neglect you when you are quiet.

People mend the wound

and ignore the weapon.

… I blame the people,

because it isn’t their fault.

Myself is a product of me,

and me is a product of your innocence.



Would you prefer to feel nothing

or everything?

Anaesthesia does not stop the surgery,

merely your ability to recognise it.

Anaesthesia cannot stop the surgeons from talking,

only your free-will to reply.

Anaesthesia numbs hurt,

but it numbs the sparkle too.

A life in neutral is a life in idle.

With a break and an accelerator,

you have the capacity & potential to go to anywhere.

If only we would nurture the driver,

instead of continuously servicing the car…



I can see how wrong it is. To bind my writing between the pages of a home lost. Exposing a girl desperate to save the world with it’s own flesh.

But, I just can’t shake that fear… the mere possibility of my words missing the tactile edges of a discoloured piece of tree, brushing against the fingertips of a stranger in need of a beautiful contradiction.