Give it to me straight

Ever had the validity of your relationship assessed by the nation?

Then don’t tell me you understand.

Tell me you’re enraged.

Tell me you’re disgusted.

Tell me you cannot believe how low humanity has stooped.

But don’t you dare tell me that you understand.

Unless your worth & human rights are being dangled among legislatures like a bill,

you and your fellow jury need to remain exceptionally quiet until freedom of expression is a right I too can exploit.

You don’t understand, you pity; you condescend & through this reaction, you unknowingly flag me as divergent. 

You insult me as an individual by allocating me my own compartment in your over-organised cerebrum,

based on the “type” of love I feel.

I appreciate your support but your support needs to convey a gender-typecast neutral disposition to feel supportive.

Indifference is freedom.

You’ve got it wrong.

You don’t understand; you just stand.

I’m under.