Hayley Maree Lewis

I’m a simple soul with a stochastic mind. I wear my science degree most comfortably when it’s tucked in the back pocket of the jeans I sewed together with words. Ironically, 6 years of university taught me more about the aggression of political agenda & inebriating symptoms of love’s harrowing sting than it did about taxonomy and environmental contingency. What I will say though, is that I did begin university in search of something. And, I did find what I was looking for. Myself. Not the holotype, just the authentic embellishment-free version: quirk-indulgent, fully qualified & ready to save the world one cliche catch phrase at a time.

Designer Pandemoniums is my inner dialogue- My implied meaning. It’s loss, heartbreak, confusion, hierarchical compliance, pseudo-science, acceptance, enlightenment, and hypocrisy. It’s a collection of all those little- or not so little- thoughts surfacing (often unconventionally) as you travel, as you learn, as you fall, as you speak, as you discover, but most frequently as you sip honey sweetened inner perspective in quaint little cafes out of quirky little cups… This is where I found my lost words. This is my “pro-found”.