Eyes wide shut


ceases to exist

until we recognise it.

The reality of our reality is that

our interpretations invent


Everything we know

we only know through the eyes of

The Storyteller.

There is no


only how we see that fact.


we cannot claim to

understand life.


attempt to understand our incessant



“I wonder if technology will ever advance to the point where people adopt the ability to manipulate their innate, emotional identity with a filter? Imagine the day that Snapchat decides which personality traits are “undesirable”, and pairs that with the application’s current programmed definition of physical imperfection…”

End quote.


Powers and minutes

She was born with tragic power,

to spend days & weeks pseudo-prioritising;

calculating the probability of failure,

obsessing over the pure intentions

she was destined to allocate polluted time.

Irony couldn’t save her droplets of capacity

from emptying into a puddle of indecision,

that not even the most durable wallflower

could turn into bloom.

Nor could the pursuit of endless possibility

fill her with enough reassurance

to outbid the armies of distrust

who, bit by bit,

sold her power to her mind.


Unopened potion

I have always felt I was born with magic

and palms nursing fear like limbs.

Acres of consequences,


and power;

The responsibility of control.

Suppose we were all born afraid of


Just imagine,

the guilt and torture

of casting the wrong spell

… like harbouring the curse of inaction.