Why should I have to hide that part of my identity to save people the “discomfort”?

I’m not comfortable & I’m not safe.

Your friends and family tell you to be an individual, but never think to structure conversations to permit that individuality.

“Have you got a BOYfriend?”

“We need to find you a MAN.”

“Is that your GAY friend?”

So, by the time we’re ready to announce that which should not require a declaration, you’ve already crafted an identify for us that shifts our “announcement” to a “re-introduction”.

“My name’s Hayley. You’ve known me for a while, but your immediate assumptions moulded me into a shape that I’m now responsible for breaking down.”

Everyone, please be conscious of the way in which you interact with the people in your life.

YOU have been unintentionally constructing their identify for them & now THEY have to undergo a process of deconstruction.

What’s more, they kept your projected image because it was accompanied by love & acceptance.

Now, all they have is themselves, and that’s not a familiar face anymore.

Should I have to hide my identity to make you feel more comfortable?


But you can’t hear me.

I’m bi myself.


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